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The Corn Belt Almanac, available June 5, 2015, from The Head & The Hand Press, includes an essay on Friday Night Meatballs.

Here in the Fishtown section of Philadelphia, there’s a lot going on– including a growing literary community. Writers, editors, publishers, and graphic artists are doing innovative and exciting things here, and The Head & The Hand Press has played a huge role in bringing us all together.

Founded by writer and urban farmer Nic Esposito, The Head & The Hand holds writing workshops, classes, and community events as well as publishing unique works. It also publishes a series of anthologies based on the Philadelphia tradition of almanacs established by Ben Franklin, who created Philadelphia’s first literary startup, the famous Poor Richard’s Almanack. I’ve had the privilege of being included in the first two volumes of this series, the Rust Belt Rising Almanac (a collection of writing from and about Rust Belt cities) and the Asteroid Belt Almanac (which focuses on science and technology).

The newest volume in this series is the Corn Belt Almanac, which contains a variety of fiction, essays, poetry, and art about food and farming. I’m proud to say that my essay “Friday Night Meatballs: How to Change Your Life with Pasta” essay, originally published in Serious Eats, will be part of this collection. It’s also featured on Pubslush this week as part of a fundraiser for the book’s publication. Pubslush is a crowdfunding site that allows small publishers to raise money for the many costs involved in creating, printing, and distributing books, and right now The Head & The Hand is seeking funders to help cover printing costs for the Corn Belt Almanac. If you enjoy good food writing and want to support local literary communities, I encourage you to donate to the Pubslush campaign.

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