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Best Food Writing 2015, edited by Holly Hughes, will be available in October.

The introduction and table of contents for Best Food Writing 2015 are now online!

Here’s a taste:

My first bite released a flood of taste memories. I realized that this was the same dish I had always ordered—no doubt using the same logic—when we came to Pappardella. I literally closed my eyes in pleasure to savor it. The pasta was toothsome and meltingly fresh, the ragu sauce rich, meaty, and satin-smooth. It warmed my soul in places I hadn’t known needed warming.

“I could make this,” I thought to myself. “Sure, it would probably take all day. But it would be worth it.”

The book, which includes my Friday Night Meatballs essay as well as heavy hitters like Anthony Bourdain and Pete Wells, will be available in mid-October and is available for pre-order now. Not that I’m excited or anything.

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