Make food.

Invite friends.



Welcome to Friday Night Meatballs!

It’s simple: Every Friday night after work, we cook up a pot of spaghetti and meatballs, let our friends and families know, and invite the first eight friends who tell us they want to come. They bring salad or wine or dessert, the kids play in the living room, we eat, we chat, we unwind from our long and busy weeks.

This “new tradition” is just another version of an ancient and just about universal human tradition: gathering together to enjoy a meal.

People have done this since the dawn of time, and every culture has its own ways of bringing people together around a fire or a table to break bread. But somehow, here in late-capitalist America, we’ve lost track of this basic component of humanity. Many of us have no choice but to eat at our desks, in our cars, or on the run. Getting together with friends and family becomes one more thing to squeeze into an already full calendar; magazines and TV tell us our cooking must be elaborate and our homes picture-perfect before we allow guests inside.

At Friday Night Meatballs, we say no more of that! Let’s stop the world for a few hours, put our phones away, light some candles, eat some comfort food, make new friends, and talk to each other—face to face. The simple act of eating together can build community, relieve stress, and satisfy the soul. We created this site to help spread the word.

The food does not have to be fancy.
The house does not have to be perfect.

Relax, it’s Friday Night Meatballs.